The Sweat Lodge

The month of May marks the end of a storied history in Saskatoon's sparse music scene. A great write up is available over at Ominocity with a lot more details and accuracies that I wouldn't be able to provide. It still feels fitting to pay respects to the 'DIY Jam Space' known as The Sweat Lodge.

The demise of this particular dive encapsulates the direction Saskatoon's 'scene' seems to be headed. With less of the kids interested in punk and hardcore, and more of them opting for the most recent EDM digital downloads peppering our stratosphere, it's no surprise that an alternative music scene in Saskatoon is almost non-existent.

Blame can be given and fingers can be pointed but its no single person's fault. These things are cyclical and in time a new group of kids will be sick to death of hearing over produced, 128bpm, hook and drop songs and will inevitably come across that lo-fi, raw as fuck sound we've all grown accustomed to hearing. They will revel in the fact that some band out there never gave a fuck about the Coachella's and the Lollapalooza's and for at least a small period of their lives they will be influenced by a new way of thinking. Regardless of whether or not they stick with it, the point of the music is to open eyes wide, if only for a short, shitty thirty seconds. This, to me, is what The Sweat Lodge and places like it set out to accomplish.

Maybe you saw one show there, maybe you jammed with one of the many bands that resided, perhaps you were a regular, or maybe you just came out to get high with your friends. Whatever the case may be, the fact remains that it was the sweaty, energized desperation found in the music played there that got you to the Lodge and you undoubtedly heard it and remembered it as your ears inevitably rang you to sleep later that night. So just like those ringing ears and the ghostly frequencies that will never be heard again, gone is The Sweat Lodge and the sundry sounds that once echoed throughout its rooms. This, however, is what the punks live for. They will continue to jam, they will continue to play shows, and they will continue to, however briefly, tell everyone and everything to fuck off. Perhaps while you're getting your kicks this weekend, take a brief moment and pour one out for The Sweat Lodge. Treasure the silence, because it won't last long.

Ominocity write-up, check it out