Code Orange Kids/Adventures/Greg Bennick/Young Turks

Last night was a busy evening here in Saskatoon. Every Corner attempted, successfully, a trifecta of choice shows. Mosofest brought a lot of talent to the city over the weekend, but even they missed out on a great show hosted at the Sweatlodge with spoken word act Greg Bennick and touring hardcore hoods Young Turks. I had only heard live video and the small selection of songs from the Young Turks bandcamp, but they really threw down last night with a complete set of hardcore heat (walked away with a "12 that I can't wait to put on). Even though there was only about twelve people present, Young Turks managed to get a two man circle pit going and about 75% of the attendees danced their hearts out at some point. Immediately following the set Bennick gathered everyone around for an eye opening chat about his time with punk rock and hardcore and his days spent with Trial. This was something that was quite different from anything seen at other shows, but a worthwhile experience no doubt. Following the Sweatlodge, we busted hump over to the Broadway Theatre for The Weakerthans frontman John K. Samson's show. This really needs no further explanation, Samson killed it just like he always does. Around 1 o'clock we made it to Rock the Bottom in time to see Code Orange Kids. This band is something special, and there is no question as to why Deathwish showed interest in them. Can't wait to see them again today, at 4 o'clock, at Beaumont Film & Record as they are playing an all ages show for Mosofest. Can't wait for 17 more minutes of pure, adrenaline-pumped, angst. The cool thing about this show is that all the events from last night are coming together; Young Turks, Greg Bennick, and Adventures will all be playing this afternoon. Adventures is the 90's emo-ish sounding side project of Code Orange Kids, haven't heard much of it, but what has been heard has been great. Something cool is happening in Saskatoon today and it shouldn't be missed.

Code Orange Kids
Greg Bennick
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