Ian Mackaye

Recently watched a clip of a documentary called EDGE, primarily because I was Youtubing videos on Ian. This clip is from that movie and its his, almost, patronizing take on 'Straight Edge' or whatever you want to call it. Growing up my friends and I were made aware of this way of life through the music we listened to, but never really made much of it. To us there was this guy who decided to do and not do certain things on his own terms. I think thats what we took away from it, as we started to realize we didn't have to be sheep. Its really funny to hear him talk about the 'movement' years later and actually confirm that what he stood for was what we thought, and it wasn't about telling people off and shoving your x's in their face. Ian was an influence and still is to this day, I love to hear what he has to say. Rhyme.